• 2014

    The start of our activity in August and first action with Delviso, a historical referral attorney at Net And Law
  • 2015

    The year of change. We had to overcome a crisis of growth and numerous difficulties (cyber attacks, threats, restructuring of our partners, etc.). This reduced our dispute resolution capacity. New structures were created with referral attorneys in different European countries.
  • 2016

    We concentrated more on agreements with our referral attorneys in countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Bulgaria. We assisted over a hundred victims in court proceedings. We also improved our bundled contract service offerings to be able to provide assistance and support on clear terms and without surprises.
  • 2017

    Opening of our new "Warning Trading" website with more information and news in the area of financial disputes with 28,000 visitors per month and more than 70,000 pages viewed. We also improved, as a result of the numerous recommendations, our prevention offer Check and Pay.
  • 2018

    As a part of our restructuring NET AND LAW established the integral consumer awareness and sensitivity raising work against financial scams in France via WARNING TRADING, a brand-new online press site (SPEL), accredited by the Joint Committee on Publications and News Agencies (CPPAP). BROKER DEFENSE shall now reinforce its position as NET AND LAW's unique brand and Litigation Management Agency for 15 European specialised lawyers’ offices. It shall keep on helping victims through expanding its network of attorneys at law in Belgium, Israel and Portugal.
  • 2019

    This new year has allowed us to consolidate our leadership position in supporting victims of financial scams. We have improved our case processing tools in order to gain time and efficiency allowing us to intervene within the hour. New law firms in Germany and Romania have joined the BROKER DEFENSE lawyer network already in place in other countries affected by the scourge of financial fraud.
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